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Why Renovate Columbus?

Every homeowner has a project in mind to improve their living area—a fantasy space they can envision at every turn. Many, however, never make the dream a reality. Why? It usually has to do with fear of the unknown. How much will it cost? How much time will be involved? Who can be trusted? At Renovate Columbus, we understand these anxieties and concerns. There is a lot at stake during any home remodeling project and our clients’ trust and confidence in us is of the highest concern. We want to make sure the remodeling experience is a smooth and pleasant one. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about our process and what we can do to help make your vision come to life. In the meantime, please take a moment to read about some of the services we offer, our service areas and how we can help to beautify Columbus homes like yours.

Dodging Crooked Contractors

After deciding on a home improvement project, the first step should be to research qualified contractors in the area. Although the state of Ohio is cracking down on dishonest contractors and construction companies, they continue to operate in and around Columbus. When selecting a contractor, potential clients should sit down face-to-face with him or her and investigate the facts. In Columbus, shrewd homeowners have an abundance of resources at their disposal. Some good places to start include the Better Business Bureau , the Ohio attorney general, and the Franklin County clerk. An additional resource many consumers rely on is Angie’s List, which posts customer reviews of local contractors and home remodel companies on its website. It is also important to not let price be the only guide when considering different bids from home remodeling contractors. Experts advise to always throw out the lowest bid and question the highest bid if otherwise the company seems like a good fit for the project.


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How to choose a Contractor

How to choose a Contractor?

Achieving Remodel Relaxation

Any project that involves such a large amount of planning, time and expense is always filled with some trepidation. Thorough researching and clear communication is the best defense against apprehension and can be a sanity-saver during potential obstacles that arise. First and foremost is having a firm idea of the “must-haves” of the renovation while remaining realistic about budget, time, and space constraints.Flexibility goes a long way and sometimes homeowners are pleasantly surprised to discover the job may not be as overwhelming as they envision. However, both Columbus Realtors and countless others across the country urge homeowners to keep projects in line with both the architecture of their homeand the price point of their neighborhood. Keeping things simple and appealing to the masses is always a good idea. Columbus real estate agent Joe Jackson further drives this point home during an interview with the Columbus Dispatch. “When a property is substantially over-improved for the neighborhood,” he warns, “it’s not going to get the money back.”

Avoiding Kitsch in the Kitchen

Any home cook worth their salt understands the value of a functional, well-designed kitchen. Houses haven’t always been designed with this space as a central feature and many homeowners crave a more open and inviting space to cook, bake, eat, and gather in. The top two desired updates, if flow is not an issue, are cabinets and countertops. There are countless options to consider for both, although custom cabinets and stone countertops remain the most popular choices. New appliances are also a high priority for a kitchen remodel. The value lies not only in their sleek designs and high-tech functions, but in improved energy efficiency as well. Other desires include tiled backsplashes, eye-catching hardware, and unique lighting. These luxury touches can cause kitchen remodeling prices to skyrocket, although these choices may pay off in the long run. According to Remodeling magazine, the current average for a kitchen remodel in Columbus, Ohio is $56,460 but homeowners can recoup a staggering 74.2 percent on the investment.



Don’t Just Go with the Flow for a Bathroom Remodel

The Romans had the right idea.  There is something so therapeutic, so invigorating about the body-cleansing process conducted in splendid and soothing surroundings.  Hot water manages …

Bathroom Remodeling


Before You Sign for That Redesign, Research Home Contractors

It never fails: as soon as homeowners mention they are pursuing the idea of home renovation, they are bombarded with suggestions for home improvement contractors and renovation companies….

Choose a Contractor

Reaching Bathroom Bliss

As modern lives become increasingly hectic, homeowners continue to desire peaceful retreats housed within their own living spaces. While a bathroom’s true functions are somewhat limited, the sense of tranquility they can evoke is unsurpassed. Especially when it comes to the master bathroom, remodeling designs tend to center around elements that incorporate intelligent functionality with luxurious features. Accessibility is also taken more and more into consideration. As the baby booming generation ages, many are choosing to remain in their current homes. In the article “Remodeling back in full swing: Baby boomers are driving force behind uptick,” the Columbus Dispatch highlights the current trend in the area. When it comes to the question of staying clean for example, most baby boomers prefer showers to baths. Removing oversized whirlpool-style tubs to make room for walk-in showers, therefore, or replacing standard versions with no-threshold models are popular requests. Low-energy fixtures are also becoming increasingly desirable thanks to new improvements in water conservation. Aside from its functional features, most modern bathroom remodel designs incorporate spa-like features. These can include stone tile, multi-function shower controls, wood accents, metallic fixtures, and heated floors. As with kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels provide a fairly high ROI. For 2015, according to Remodeling, Columbus is seeing an average of a 55.4 percent cost recoup.


Achieving Vision Through Revision: Home Remodeling and Renovation

Creating a pleasing environment in which to abideis a process humankind has been passionate about since early man painted thosedelicate first brushstrokes on his cave walls….

Basement Finishing


Essential Ingredients for Smart Kitchen Remodel

Entire television programs, magazines, and websites dedicated to the art of cooking have continued to spur our love affair with the heart of the home.  Extending beyond its….

Kitchen Remodeling

Alleviating Basement Boredom

For generations, the basement has been the go-to hangout hideaway for many families. While a couch, rug, and maybe a TV were all that was needed in the past, basement remodels these days are nothing short of spectacular. Drool-worthy wet bars, show-stopping theater rooms, and tricked-out home gyms can all be found under various houses throughout the country. No matter how unique the design, all basements in the Midwest share a common threat: dampness. Even the most fantastic lower level remodel plan in Columbus can’t ignore the risk of moisture, mold, and mildew. Keeping basement walls dry is the number one concern of any reliable contractor and, depending on cost, situation, and preference, one of two methods will be applied. The first is traditional drywall and studs while the second is a panel system, which allows access to the foundation. Both have their merits and drawbacks. The ceiling is a second design aspect to consider as pipes and ducts may cause the ceiling height to drop below the required 7-feet. Aside from a main socializing/TV-viewing area, other popular basement remodeling features to consider include: an additional bathroom, an additional bed- or bonus room, built-in bookshelves, a bar/kitchen area, or a fireplace.

Here at Renovate Columbus we thrive on clear and consistent communication with our clients. We hope that the above information will assist you in making the best decisions for your home remodel. By being more informed, you are already on your way to a satisfactory renovation process. Research your idea, talk it over with friends and family, and contact us when you’re ready to take the next step in realizing your home’s potential. We can’t wait to help turn your adequate home into an astounding one.

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