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Bathroom Remodel


The Romans had the right idea.  There is something so therapeutic, so invigorating about the body-cleansing process conducted in splendid and soothing surroundings.  Hot water manages to effortlessly wash worries away and send them swirling down the drain.  The bathroom is an oasis to which to retreat when the harsh desert of daily life seems too cumbersome to traverse.  When it comes time to renovate, a bathroom refuge is usually at the top of the list.  Homeowners yearn for a bright, clean, and modern space but many concerns about design and cost can arise, especially when it comes to a master bathroom remodel.

Each year, Remodeling magazine publishes a Cost vs. Value study for various home remodeling projects in different areas throughout the country.  According to Jim Weiker, who writes on home and garden topics for the Columbus Dispatch, Remodeling bases its findings on two surveys: “Cost estimates for projects are provided by RemodelMAX, a publisher of estimating software for remodelers. More than 4,500 real-estate agents are separately asked how much the projects would add to the resale value of a home.”  For bath renovations in Columbus, Remodeling determined bathroom remodel estimates for cost, resale value added, and cost recouped for both midrange and upscale bath remodeling projects.

Newly remodeled bathroom with white cabinet.

A 2015 midrange bathroom remodel in Columbuswill average$16,639 for the project, adding $9,938 resale value on the home, and providing a cost recoup of 59.7%.An upscale bathroom remodel will cost Columbus homeowners $53,698, add $27,453 resale value on the home, and provide a cost recoup of 51.1%.  It is important to keep in mind that these bathroom remodel estimates are for complete bathroom renovations including new shower, toilet, countertop, and so on.  The upscale cost estimate includes such components as state-of-the-art shower controls and in-floor heating.  Many homeowners may not need a total overhaul and can incorporate existing fixtures into a new bathroom remodel.

Even small bathroom renovations can have a large impact and many Realtors urge keeping projects simple.  Milt Lustnauer, former president of the Columbus Realtors trade group, additionally warns that undertaking an over-the-top renovation such as an upscale bathroom remodel could cause owners to price themselves out of their housing market.  Instead, homeowners need to work with a bathroom remodel contractor on a design that works for them while still keeping budget and potential resale value in mind.

Working within a budget also doesn’t necessarily mean forgoing all the luxury additions for purely function ones, as long as the homeowner remains realistic.  Credible bathroom remodeling contractors urge their customers to be vocal about their priorities.  Clear communication from homeowners is key to letting bathroom remodelers know the owner’s must-haves.  For example, one client might happily forgo a recessed medicine cabinet fora towel warmer during a master bathroom remodel while another may have other preferences.  In 2012, Columbus Monthlymagazine featured a story about a Dublin couple who opted to remove their “dust-collecting” Jacuzzi tub during their master bath remodel in favor of a more usable walk-in shower.

Man working in a tight space while applying ceramic tile to a bathtub enclosure wall. Viewed looking down.

Shower remodels remain a popular trend in bathroom remodeling.  Many homeowners, like the Dublin couple, are choosing to remove the bathtub altogether and replacing it with an expansive shower.For those who still find it essential to luxuriate in suds periodically, current bath remodeling designs support changing out whirlpool tubs for freestanding soaker styles.  More and more bathroom remodeling contractors are also encouraging the use of incorporating low-energy fixtures including water-saving toilets, high-tech faucets, and LED lighting into designs.  These features are notbeneficial to the environment; they continually help save money on dreaded utility bills.  Other current trends factoring into bathroom remodel estimates include interesting metallic fixtures, natural elements such as wood or stone, and geometric feature tiles.  With research, the right design, and a reputable bathroom remodel contractor like Renovate Columbus, homeowners can obtain the serene sanctuary they are looking for.

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