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Kitchen Remodel

A luxury remodeled kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances

Entire television programs, magazines, and websites dedicated to the art of cooking have continued to spur our love affair with the heart of the home.  Extending beyond its purpose of simply a place to prepare food, the modern kitchen has become awelcoming gathering place and sanctuary for many a weary (and okay, maybehungry) soul.  Moving from utilitarian workroom to stunning showroom, today’s kitchens are a testament to contemporary attitudes and concepts.


Redesigning Your Kitchen

Unless, of course, yours isn’t.  Trends in kitchen design change rapidly and before you know it those state-of-the art features designers couldn’t wait to incorporate are quickly passé and suddenly avoided at all costs.  Although it is impossible tostay on top of every design trend and whim, there are components of a smart kitchen remodel that will result in a highly desirable outcome.  Every year during their Annual Renovation Competition, Columbus Monthly magazine often highlights impressive kitchen remodeling projects completed in the Columbus area.  While kitchen design winners have a plan unique to their home and preferences, all share common aspects such as intelligent functionality and harmonious elements.

Interior of modern kitchen

In a recent Columbus Dispatch article entitled “Dos and don’ts of kitchen remodels”, it was noted that homeowners can recoup up to 74.2 percent of their initial investment in a kitchen remodel project.  Achieving such a heady ROI means adhering to basic guidelines such as making sure the kitchen design is functional, that architectural integrity is maintained, and the project is kept within the scope of the budget.  Alternatively, homeowners should avoid overlooking professional expertise, designing for today without looking to the future, and over-improving the space.  A reputable home or kitchen remodeling firm will be able to assist in making smart decisions while avoiding costly mistakes.


Custom Cabinets

Two sizable updates usually performed during a kitchen remodel are to the kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops.  Kitchen cabinets can make a huge impact and set the tone for the overall kitchen design.  From farmhouse chic to ultramodern sleek, the right cabinetshave the ability to transform storage space into a powerhouse of design and performance.  During a kitchen remodel, many homeowners are faced with the decision to either keep and renovate their existing cabinets or purchase new ones.  Painting and adding new hardware to existing cabinets can be a very cost-effective measure for improving the look and feel of the kitchen.  Even if homeowners wish to perform this task themselves however, it is still advisable to consult with a professional on proper design and technique.

Kitchen in remodeled home with wood cabinetry and island

If new cabinets aredesired or deemed necessary, there is the additional decision of whether to have custom cabinets made or simply purchase pre-fabricated or “stock” ones.  Custom cabinets are the most expensive option, but one that will have the greatest impact on form and functionality.  Stock options are more limited but cost less and can have remarkable impact if designed and installed correctly.  Another option that has appeared in recent years is “semi-custom”.  Semi-custom cabinets offer a “best of both worlds” approach by taking stock cabinets and adding custom detailing options to them.


Granite Countertops

When it comes to work surfaces in the the kitchen, style and service are no longer mutually exclusive.  Like kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops have the capacity to make or break a remodel and depend a great deal on the tastes, needs, and budget of the homeowner.  Granite has for many years been the go-to element for kitchen remodeling projects, although quartz is quickly rising in popularity due to its elegance and indestructible nature.  Other less-popular choices include Formica, concrete, and marble—although these options may be ideal for a certain desired kitchen design and theme.  No matter what the material, kitchen countertops are an integral part of any kitchen remodel.

Contractor installing a laminate counter top during a kitchen remodel project.

Aside from kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops, many other design elements will impact the finished design.  Finishes on appliances and hardware, lighting, and other design details should all work incongruently to achieve a kitchen remodel that is as beautiful as it is practical.  No matter the style preferences, budget, or expertise level in the kitchen, remodeling and updating one of the most utilized spaces in a home can be a wise decision for many and Renovate Columbus can help.

Below are some tips from Consumer Reports to help you avoid mistakes in your renovations.

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